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From one-of-a-kind books to Easter Eggs hidden in the National Cathedral, our production coordinator in the US knows their fun facts. They have such interesting stories to tell that our journalist fixer has to keep up with them, finding interesting characters for our customers to interview once they become interested in one of the fixer’s stories. Whether you are interested in true crime stories, the history of the Chinese fortune cookie, and more, we have your back.

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As per our location scout, the Boston University Bridge is the only one where a boat can sail under a train going under a vehicle driving under an airplane. For an even weirder fact, our production coordinator in the US will tell you how a man called Allen wrote his autobiography in jail, after robbing John Fenno Jr. Upon his death, Allen requested that a copy of the book bound in his skin be delivered to Fenno. His family donated it to the Boston Athenaeum.


Everyone knows that Washington DC is the nation’s capital and the place where you can visit some of the world’s most famous monuments and memorials. But our production coordinator in the US shared these little-known facts: The National Cathedral has many gargoyles. Bring binoculars and check out the northwest tower; you will see that one of them is the sculpted head of Darth Vader. Also, both Herbert Hoover and John Quincy Adams had pet alligators in the White House.

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If you are looking to interview students on campus life, Georgia might be the right place to do it. Georgia is home to Wesleyan College, the first college in the world chartered to grant degrees to women. Berry College is also located in Georgia. It has the largest contiguous campus in the world – 27,000 acres! Georgia State awards more bachelor’s degrees to Black students than any other institution in the US. Our journalist fixer can help arrange some interesting student interviews for you.

San Francisco

From the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz, there is plenty of history everywhere. Talk about history, the Chinese fortune cookie was born here. It was invented by a Japanese immigrant. San Francisco is home to North America’s oldest and the second-biggest Chinatown outside the Asian continent. Visit the Ross Alley fortune cookie manufacturing unit to watch the making process. They also have the biggest Japantown in the country. Our location scout swears by it in spring when the beautiful cherry trees bloom.

San Francisco


Besides the Grand Canyon, our production coordinator in the US believes one should not miss visiting the Sonoran Desert, the only home of the iconic saguaro cactus. In fact, there are 22 national parks and monuments in Arizona. There are also more than 100 wineries and 22 varieties of local wine. Arizona is also home to 75+ licensed craft breweries. If you are interested in how wine or beer is made, our location scouting has discovered the best family businesses for you.

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Few stories fascinate people as much as true crime. Our production coordinator in the US knows all the best locations to shoot a documentary on famous murders.

Savannah, Georgia is considered one of the most haunted cities in the US due to a series of murders from 1735 to 2006, including triple homicide ax murders. According to the Huffington Post, Washington state has seen around 277 serial murders, like Ted Bundy and Robert Yates.

The identity of the Zodiac Killer remains a mystery 50 years after they went on a killing spree in the San Francisco Bay Area. Wander the streets of Boston’s most beautiful neighborhood, where two women were murdered by the Boston Strangler. Arizona has its own Bonnie and Clyde story, in Cynthia Lynn Coffman and James Marlow.

If crime is not your thing, do not worry. We can find you a tailored location for any subject, even outside these cities.

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